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Still recruiting!

Dallana, Jan 11, 12 10:52 AM.
After downing Zon´ozz and Morchok Never-Ending is still recruiting, applications are submitted through our forums.


Drush., Dec 6, 11 6:38 PM.
                                                                                                     We are still recruiting

Thrall has to hold it on his own for a week before we get to assist him once again.

Turns out most of us where banned on Alliance due to the harsh but fair measures Blizzard put in use against the LFR exploit.

The ban hammer strikes swift and hard and seeing we all had a blast gearing all our alts during the weekend we got nothing else to say but
Karma is a bitch.
This means an entire week for us without progress, conquest cap and all that comes with a wednesday.

Enjoy the spare time that has presented itself and make the most out of it, because soon we're back and progressing once again.

And for you that did not get banned, we are sorry for slowing everyone down. But atleast we know what you will be doing for the next week

                                                                    Happy Fishing 

Preparing for Firelands

Maithan, May 4, 11 9:47 AM.
Never Ending is back on temporary forums due to .com issues with ownership!
We have a late start in Firelands but we're looking towards one thing and one thing only, 4,3!
We are now recruiting for current tier, check our recruitment status and make an apply if you are interested.
Don't hesitate to apply if your current class & spec is not on our demand list, we are always recruiting exceptional players
Never-Ending is currently recruiting the following:
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